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Oil Pastel & Soft Pastel

Drawing Preparation

  • Free hand Drawing
  • Object drawing
  • Figure drawing (Basic)
  • Animal study, Birds Study, Landscape practice, Nature Study
  • Portrait Study

Different Techniques

  • Various Shading techniques: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Squirkling, Soft shading, hard textural shading,
  • Stippling, slinky pencil shading
  • Understanding of perspective, eye level & vanishing point
  • Understanding of Foreshortening

Water colour techniques

Watercolor techniques are the methods we use to bring shape and form to our paintings, while at the same time allowing us to express our creatively. By gaining the knowledge and developing the use of these techniques will allow you to advance to new heights in your painting abilities.

  • Controlled wash Technique
  • Wet- into- Wet
  • Dry brush Technique
  • Spray technique
  • Lifting wet water colour
  • Graded wash
  • Edge
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