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Drawing Preparation

  • Free hand Drawing
  • 3rd style drawing
  • Figure drawing (Basic)
  • Animal study, Birds Study, Landscape practice, Nature Study

Different Techniques:

  • Various Shading techniques: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Squirkling, Soft shading, hard textural shading.
  • Stippling, slinky pencil shading

Clay Modelling Techniques

  • Handling of Clay
  • Preparing the Clay
  • Adding & Removing Clay
  • Creating Smooth and Rough texture
  • Understanding of Clay tools

Sculpture Techniques

  • Study of Building Armature for clay project
  • Making a mold (Negative image) of original work
  • Casting in P.O.P, White Cement & breaking the mold

3 Dimensional Works in Clay

  • Study of 3d Different shapes like Pyramid, Cube, cylinder, Cone etc.
  • Figurative Sculpture
  • Animal & Birds sculpture
  • Realistic Forms
Semi Abstract & Complete Abstract Sculpture

2d or Relief Work in Clay

Relief sculpture is sculpture that protrudes from a flat surface or plane There are three main types of Relief work:
  • High Relief
  • Mid Relief
  • Low Relief
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