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Oil Painting /Acrylic Painting

Oil paints have been most artists' first choice for hundreds of years, with good reason. The colors are gorgeous, you can do anything with them and they last forever. Oil paint is slow drying so you can remove what you don't like while it's wet or you can paint over it when it's dry. Oil paint is easy to use once you learn the basics.

Drawing Preparation

  • Free hand Drawing
  • Object drawing
  • Figure drawing (Basic)
  • Animal study, Birds Study, Landscape practice, Nature Study
  • Portrait Study

Different Techniques

  • Various Shading techniques: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Squirkling, Soft shading, hard textural shading,
  • Stippling, slinky pencil shading
  • Understanding of perspective, eye level & vanishing point
  • Understanding of Foreshortening

Various Oil & Acrylic painting

  • Landscape and Nature Painting
  • Portrait and Figurative Painting
  • Realistic and Hyper Realistic Painting
  • Semi Realistic and Semi abstract painting
  • Complete Abstraction
  • Traditional Painting / Miniature Painting
  • Spatula/ Knife Painting
  • Modern & Contemporary Painting
  • Impressionist Painting

Final work

  • Copy of Masters, Composition
  • Landscape, Nature Study
  • Portrait study, Figure Study
  • Flower study, birds study
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