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  1. Free hand Drawing
  2. Object and Nature Study
  3. Figure drawing (Hands study, Feet Study, Anatomy Study, figure proportion etc.)
  4. Animal study
  5. Different Techniques
  6. Proportion, Volume
  7. Understanding of perspective, eye level & vanishing point
  8. Different types of rendering such as (, Cross Hatching, Squirkling, Soft shading, hard textural shading, Stippling, slinky pencil shading and texture
  9. Foreshortening
  10. Relation between lines, Texture, Volume


  1. Introduction to various techniques
  2. Study of objects from different angles
  3. Understanding of foreground and back ground with drapery
  4. Texture study with different material like cloth, wood, glass, bronze, Mirror, Ceramics etc.
  5. Selection and arrangement of objects
  6. Detailed study of light & shade, tonal variation, composition
  7. Study of filling light, various eye level and use of linear perspective in still life


  1. Free hand drawing from model to study proportion
  2. Anatomy and head study from different angel
  3. Stick drawing and block drawing
  4. Quick sketching
  5. Study of hands, feet and different parts of body
  6. Study of different models for age specific character
  7. Detailed life drawing study on full sheet

Portrait study

  1. Basics and measurement
  2. Detailed study of skull, character and expression
  3. Use of model for practice
  4. Study portrait from masters work


  1. Principal of design, distribution of picture space
  2. Importance of line, tone, texture, colour, form, content
  3. Study of Golden mean, negative and positive space
  4. Design exercise in different media
  5. Different figurative composition practice
  6. Study of more various composition aspects


  1. Detail study of different trees, leaves, flowers
  2. Our door trip for nature study
  3. Study of Landscape in variation of Sunlight

Types of Painting

Miniature Painting, Water colour Painting, Knife painting, Realistic Painting Impressionist painting, Semi Abstract, Abstract and Modern Art, Contemporary Style


  1. Graphite Pencils of different grades, Charcoal Pencil
  2. Colour pencils
  3. Pen & Ink
  4. Oil Pastel, Soft Pastel
  5. Water Colour
  6. Poster Colour
  7. Oil Colour
  8. Acrylic Colour



  1. Indian Art
  2. Western Art
(Only rudiments of these topics will be covered.)

PART III Fundamentals of Art/ METHOD & MEDIUM

  1. Importance of methods and materials
  2. Nature and characteristics of painting mediums
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