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Drawing & Sketching

Drawing & Sketching

  • Free hand Drawing
  • Object drawing
  • Figure drawing (Hands study, Feet Study, Anatomy Study, figure proportion etc.)
  • Animal study, Birds Study, Landscape practice, Nature Study
  • Portrait Study


  • Introduction to various techniques
  • Study of objects from different angles
  • Texture study with different material like cloth, wood, glass, bronze etc.
  • Selection and arrangement of objects
  • Detailed study of light & shade, tonal variation, composition

Different Techniques

  • Various Shading techniques: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Squirkling, Soft shading, hard textural shading, Stippling, slinky pencil shading
  • Understanding of perspective, eye level & vanishing point
  • Understanding of Foreshortening
  • Medium: Pencil shading, Colour Pencil
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