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  1. Crayon practice on colour books
  2. Drawing of Geometrical shapes (Triangle, Square, Circle, Rectangle, Star, oval)
  3. Drawing of Basic shapes of Trees, huts, Clouds, Leaves, flowers, sun, birds, animal, insects etc.)
  4. Stick Drawing


Drawing Preparation

  1. Sketching and free hand Drawing
  2. Landscape study, animal & Birds Study
  3. Fruits & Vegetables, Different Flowers Study, Nature Study
  4. Cartoon Making, Objects study

Oil pastel & soft pastel colouring practice

  1. Strokes Light Pressure, Strokes Heavy Pressure
  2. Blending Light & Heavy Pressure
  3. Mixing of two or more colours
  4. Highlighting/ Blending with White


  1. Different Pencil Shading such as Hetching, Cross Hetching, Squirkling, Soft shading, Rough textural Shading, Stippling, Slinky etc.
  2. Charcoal Pencil Drawing
  3. Pen & Ink Drawing
  4. Coloured Pencil study of Landscape, Flowers, Composition, Still life, Animal & Birds



Different water colour techniques
  1. wet on wet, dry on dry, dry vs wet, lifting colours, scumbling, splatter, use blooming
  2. Painting layer by layers from light to dark
  3. Pulling color with water, use negative strokes

Poster Colour

  1. Opaque Technique of Poster Colour
  2. Overlapping colours and Blending Technique

Colour Concepts Study

  1. Study of different colous
  2. Knowledge about technical names of colours
  3. Use of cool & Warm Colours of Painting
  4. Primary & Secondary Colours


  1. Various Composition Study- Landscape, Village Scene, Lake scene, Cityscape, Seascape, Seasons, Festivals, Events, Social issues, Underwater scene, current topics etc. Poster Designing- Save energy, Save Water, Global Warming, Stop Pollution, Beti Bachayo beti padayo etc. Imaginative Composition- After Practicing Drawing & Colouring in Different Topics Students would be able to create their own composition on paper. In later they will develop imaginary art works in their own style.


Drawing Preparation

  1. Portrait Study (Anatomy of Head, Modelling the Planes, Combining anatomy, construction and planes, Building Tones with planes, men’s head, women’s head, teen ager’s head, babies head, Old Men’s & Women’s Head
  2. Figure Study, Hands & Feet Study
  3. Perspective Drawing & Still Life

Oil & Acrylic Colours

  1. Landscape, Still life, Buddha Painting, Semi Realistic Painting, Tape Art, Textural Painting, Abstract Painting, Portrait Painting, Indian Style, Madhubani, Miniature Painting.
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